Phasmophobia's got a couple new ghosts on the way

As usual the developers of Phasmophobia are doing their best to ruin my day by adding more ghosts, two to be precise, in the upcoming 0.6.2 update. They've posted some blurry text in a development blog on Steam.(opens in new tab) It doesn't take a genius to puzzle it out, but the implications are particularly awful:

It starts off with "[unclear] constantly sense the living. You can run but you can't hide," as a strength and "[unclear] require a lot of energy to form and will move very slowly." So, in short, the creature from It Follows. Great, thanks again, I hate it. It'll probably be hell on the small maps.

The update also showcases a variety of horrific new bits and bobs to be found on the Sunny Meadows map. That is to say, lots of rusty medical equipment and bloody pulled teeth and saws and syringes and forks and scalpels and scissors and cutters and a spooky bathtub.

You can find Phasmophobia on Steam. Anyway, here's a spooky bathtub:

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Amazing that they have added these new ghosts!


this game is so damn fun ! wish more people had it but it is growing


Oooooooooooo spooky!! Glad they have added some more ghosts


might re install dont wanna hook up my vr tho


i do love this game, haven't played recently since the addition of a map and these ghosts


nothing like some DLC ghosts


Awesome. Gonna tell my friend about this and then we can play together.

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