GTA 5 Update Adds New Feature For Only Some Players

Rockstar Games has released a new GTA 5 ad GTA Online update, but, unfortunately, it has not provided patch notes for the update, leaving Grand Theft Auto fans wondering what the update does. While we don't know what the update does in full, some of the changes and additions have been discovered by players. For example, there's a brand new feature, but it's only available on PS5, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X. Why it's limited to these platforms, we don't know.

If you haven't seen already, with the update, the PS5, Xbox Series S, and Xbox Series X versions now have a motion blur slider which allows players to customize how much or how little motion blur they want. Meanwhile, the update has also increased payouts for MC businesses and nightclub on all platforms and new UI for hiding jobs and events as map blips options.

So far, this is all we know that the update does, but do have more insight into what may be coming, courtesy of the update's files. Hidden in the files of the update is the Extended and Enhanced edition DLC pack, which has been added to PC, but right now, the files are empty.

As always, we will keep you updated as more information about the update surfaces. If Rockstar Games was going to provide patch notes, the Rockstar Support Twitter account would have already provided these patch notes so it's unlikely official patch notes are coming, but as players dig their teeth deep into the update, more may be learned. It's also possible this is all the update does, which would explain why Rockstar Games opted to bypass providing patch notes as the update is seemingly inconsequential.

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Such a disgrace when it's not for all players

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