Xbox reverses its decision to remove sharing game clips to twitter

Microsoft has dropped plans to remove the ability for Xbox users to share game screenshots and videos directly to Twitter.

An Xbox Insider build rolled out to members earlier this month removed Twitter sharing entirely from the Xbox dashboard.

The removal of the feature meant users had to upload clips to their phones and then share them from there, adding a second stage to the process.

It had been speculated that the plan to remove the feature was based on low usage, but there was seemingly enough of an outcry about it that Microsoft has now reversed the decision.

“Thanks for your feedback on the Twitter share feature change we flighted in [build] 2204 – that change is being reverted to the previous behavior from today in this new build,” Xbox Insider program lead Brad Rossetti said on Wednesday.

Xbox’s director of program management, Jason Ronald, said last November that improving the quality of video capture and the way it’s shared on Xbox Series X/S was high on the company’s priority list.

“I will definitely say that Game DVR is the one area – the capture and share experience – that I wish we were able to make more progress [on] this year than we were able to,” he said. “It is definitely a priority for us.”

Ronald explained that while the team had been improving the quality of video capture on Xbox consoles, it knows there’s still work to be done.

“We definitely hear the feedback. We have made some changes and we have made some improvements to the reliability and the quality of the captures but we know we still have work to do here.

“So that is definitely a priority for us and something that we’re going to continue to iterate on.”

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Glad they did so, or they would've got 1000's of complaints


Well at least they reveresed the decision.

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