Gran Turismo 7 Load Times are Dramatically Different Between PS5 & PS4

As we've come to expect — especially from first-party titles — Gran Turismo 7 has significantly shorter load times on PlayStation 5, compared to what you'll find in the PS4 version of the game. Thanks to the current-gen console's super fast SSD and obviously much improved specs, we're talking differences of over half a minute. Not the biggest that we've seen, but it still highlights just how quick the PS5 is.

For example, ElAnalistaDeBits on YouTube has posted a direct comparison video, which showcases graphical enhancements as well load time differences. When loading up the famous Nürburgring track, it takes just under 42 seconds to finish on base PS4, 37 seconds on PS4 Pro, and a whopping...1.5 seconds on PS5. That's quite the improvement.

To be clear, around 40 seconds of loading on PS4 isn't that bad considering how old the hardware is — but as we've said multiple times over the last year or so, once you go PS5, it's very hard to go back.

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It's because racing games are trash


No suprise but yhe xbox would load it instantly

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