Discord seems to be preparing for PSN integration

The ability to connect your PlayStation Network account to Discord seems on the horizon.

Earlier today, a post appeared on the official Discord subreddit, displaying the PlayStation Network icon on Discord. Specifically, it appeared through the 'Connections' section of the Discord App, so it's clear that integration between the two services is primed to launch soon. According to poster jankesjt, "Discord ships with every new update unused stuff [sic], and you can force enable this stuff [...] I saw something with the name 'PlayStation Network' turned that on and boom."

This probably shouldn't come as a huge surprise, however, given what we know about the partnership between Sony and Discord. In May 2021, PlayStation announced an official partnership with Discord going forward, and at the time stated that integration between the two social services would begin at some point early next year in 2022.

Now we're finally in 2022, and the integration should be right around the corner. At the time of the announcement though, it wasn't clear how the two systems would link up, and now over seven months later, things still aren't any clearer.

If things work like Xbox though, we should simply see the option to link your PSN and Discord accounts together, rather than a Discord app popping up on your PS4 and PS5. Right now, you can display which games you're playing on your Xbox console through your Discord profile, to signal to your friends when you're around, and from the new image on the original subreddit post, it looks like things are going this way for PlayStation players very soon.

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Source: https://www.gamesradar.com/uk/discord-seems-to-be-preparing-for-psn-integration/


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I always wanted this for PS, now hopefully it won't be long until it's finally done

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