Naughty Dog Devs Reveal Their Favourite Games of 2021

It’s that time of the year again, where, before looking ahead to what lies in the future, we take a look back at the last 12 months and all the best games they brought with them. And of course, game developers have their own takes on that as well. Recently, Naughty Dog published a blog on its website in which various developers from the studio have highlighted some of their favourite games of 2021.

The game that comes out on top for the most people is Arkane’s Deathloop, with game director Matthew Gallant, development director Waylon Brinck, and game director Kurt Margenau all naming it as their favourite game of 2021. It Takes Two is also a popular choice, while other major releases of the year like Metroid Dread, Returnal, Inscryption, and The Dark Pictures: House of Ashes also being highlighted.

Some games that released prior to 2021 have also been recognized by some at Naughty Dog, including the likes of Frostpunk, Fortnite, and Bugnax. Overall, it’s a pretty diverse selection of games- and pretty much every single one of them is worth playing, so they’re good picks, too.

Naughty Dog itself had a fairly quiet year in 2021, after having released The Last of Us Part 2 in the previous year. There’s no official word on what lies next for the studio, but we do know that a standalone multiplayer The Last of Us game is in the works, while leaks have also claimed that a ground-up remake of the original The Last of Us title is also in development.

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