Xbox is collaborating on a Wu-Tang themed action-RPG – report

According to industry insiders, Xbox is working with Brass Lion Entertainment to create a Wu-Tang Clan themed game which currently goes by the moniker 'Shaolin'.

According to Windows Central – with extra verification coming in hot courtesy of journalist Jeff Grub – Xbox is reportedly working with developer Brass Lion Entertainment on a third-person RPG with four-player co-op and a focus on melee combat.

"The campaign is planned to run for a couple of dozen hours, complete with a rich endgame comprised of seasonal content drops and other updates," says WindowsCentral. "You will be able to obtain loot, weapons, gear, and so on, in both procedural endgame dungeons and more tailor-made events."

Wu-Tang Clan, the band, will reportedly be taking the lead on creating the game’s soundtrack. But as to more information about the game, there's not a lot of information out there.

As per a tweet from Brass Lion co-founder Manveer Heir earlier this year, the developer has been working on “an unannounced action-RPG with a dope anime aesthetic”. So that would – theoretically – line up with the reports circulating at the moment.

The studio was founded by Bryna Dabby Smith (who helped developed Sleeping Dogs), and Rashad Redic (who worked on Skyrim and Fallout). Heir himself has worked on Mass Effect.

Though no official information has been revealed about Shaolin – or whatever its final name may be – a job listing on the Brass Lion recruitment page notes that the studio is working on a game targeting “the next generation of consoles and PC”. Another notes that it's being created using Unreal Engine 4 (thanks, NME).

At the time of writing, these are only reports – neither Brass Lion Entertainment nor Microsoft have confirmed any of the information listed in Grubb or WindowsCentral's reports.

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