Battlefield 2042 cheats are already being sold before release

Battlefield 2042 might not be out until October, but chancers in the cheating community have already begun selling exploits for the upcoming multiplayer shooter.

Spotted by CharlieIntel, a website has begun advertising "undetectable" cheats including aimbots, radar, and wallhacks—boasting that its reported 1.2 million registered users have never been banned from a Battlefield game. That's a bold (and likely unfounded) claim, as is the claim that its Battlefield 2042 hack has already been "confirmed" as undetectable considering the game has so far only been played by a severely limited audience during this month's technical tests.

That said, it's unsurprising that cheaters would be setting their eyes on Battlefield 2042. Competitors like Call of Duty: Warzone have been utterly besieged by cheaters since launch, recently suffering from a devastating "silent aim" bot that guarantees shots as long as you're roughly standing on the same continent as your target. Activision even stepped in to take down an "undetectable" aimbot that could theoretically work on any game, on any platform.

It's natural, then, that we should expect Battlefield 2042 to catch cheaters' attention. But forgetting even the October release, the early interest from modders sparks concern over an upcoming open beta set to kick off in September.

It'd be a shame if our first look at Battlefield 2042 was immediately marred by cheaters. The next entry in Dice's bombastic shooter is shaping up to be something real special—with a Battlefield Portal sandbox letting you throw WW2 soldiers against Bad Company tanks on maps from across the series, while rumours suggest 2042's Hazard Zone will be taking cues from Escape from Tarkov.

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Load of lies, players will get banned

Others who do not cheat with aimbots etc, will end up facing the same fate which is unfair


The 'company" offering these cheats are scammers. They have a lot of cheats on their website and fake reviews. You pay them money and they just don't do anything. They have multiple websites with different names.


Hopefully they'll implement some form of advanced anti-cheat software later down the line. Didn't think battlefield had a toxic modding community.


And this is the exact reason I do not want a PC and turn cross play off why would anyone want to play with PC on console when some people ruin the entire PC player base

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