Halo Infinite Dev Explains Why There Won't Be Assassinations At Launch

Halo Infinite developer 343 Industries has explained why assassinations won't be featured in the game's multiplayer at launch, which is something that the studio initially announced in July. Senior mission designer Tom French told Eurogamer that 343 is a fan of assassinations but its own data showed people tend to turn them off.

"[Assassinations] are not in for launch," French said. "We actually really love assassinations... but what happens at a lot of levels is people just turn them off because there's a gameplay disadvantage to it."

Performing an assassination in Halo leaves your character exposed and vulnerable as the animation plays, so it makes sense that people would turn them off. On the flip side, performing one can humiliate your opponent, so it's a real power move if you can pull it off.

French said 343 is still considering adding assassinations to Halo Infinite over time, when the studio can find a way to make them feel "meaningful" and "accessible."

It's not a surprise that Halo Infinite won't have assassinations at launch, as 343 confirmed this during the Halo Infinite multiplayer livestream in July.

Halo Infinite's first public beta test took place at the end of July. If you missed out on that one, another test is coming up. We don't know when or what kind of content it will offer, but the only way to get in is to sign up for the free Halo Insider program.

In other Halo news, 343's Kiki Wolfkill recently discussed some of the challenges of bringing Master Chief to the small screen with the upcoming Halo TV show.

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