Iconic PlayStation Mascots Are Getting Fall Guys Costumes

Fall Guys is no stranger to crossover skins, as plenty of fun costumes have made their way over to the bean-based battle royale game. Now, nearly a year after release, some PlayStation-themed cosmetics are joining the roster of Fall Guys items.

Adding some PlayStation items to Fall Guys makes sense, as a lot of the game’s success can be attributed to its PlayStation Plus release. Making it one of the service’s free monthly games allowed the unique collection of party modes to reach a large audience quickly, with Fall Guys being streamed and discussed everywhere when it launched. With the PS4 also being one of the only two platforms that the game is currently available on, skins centered on Sony’s characters are long overdue.

Fortunately, Fall Guys fans will be getting access to a solid lineup of PlayStation’s mascots in a few weeks’ time. Instead of adding the likes of Kratos, Aloy, and Ellie, though, Mediatonic is going with some cuter options. The leaked skins will be arriving in Season 5, and they come courtesy of YouTuber KrxnkyFG. The first of the bunch is Sackboy, with the LittleBigPlanet star looking terrific in Fall Guys. Boasting his classic brown stitching and silver zipper, the texture work really helps to make the skin stand out. With a brown faceplate equipped, fans should have no problem cosplaying as the puppet.

Next up is Ratchet, with the beloved Lombax boasting his traditional orange and blue suit. He has his signature ears and hat, too, with a nice touch seeing some fur surround the faceplate. With the hero making his way to Fall Guys, it makes sense that his player Clank does the same, and Mediatonic nails the transformation. Alongside a large body and Clank’s recognizable arms, the detailed head sees the bean’s eyes peeking out from inside the helmet. With many Ratchet and Clank: Rift Apart fans likely having finished the game by now, this could be a great way to spend some more time with the dynamic duo.

Next up is Astro Bot, the PlayStation-loving machine from the reference-filled Astro’s Playroom. Possibly the most fitting skin of the bunch, Astro’s eyes match those of the beans perfectly. The robot’s body is the right size as well, and his tiny blue cape can be seen on the back of the skin. Rounding out the list are two skins from the upcoming Kena: Bridge of Spirits. One sees the Rot brought to Fall Guys, while another features the titular protagonist with her staff equipped.

All these characters should look great alongside the likes of the Doom Slayer, 2B, and the Valve skins. With a lot more potential for PlayStation crossovers in the future, too, Season 5 could only be the beginning.

Fall Guys is available on PC and PS4, with Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and Switch versions in development.

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Aww their so adorable! Very cool.

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