Deviation Games explains why it decided to partner with PlayStation

Deviation Games has spoken about their partnership by Sony and say that the development team has been creatively unleashed on its new PlayStation exclusive.

On Thursday, during the Summer Games Fest's Kick-off show, Deviation Games co-founders Dave Anthony and Jason Blundell announced a partnership with Sony on a new PlayStation game. The unannounced title is set to be a PlayStation exclusive as well as a brand new IP.

In a lengthy interview with, Anthony explained the name of the studio and why it is now working on an original property. He said: "When you've been working on a long-established IP, you have to work within very tight constraints. For understandable reasons. We decided to deviate from this, which is why it's Deviation Games."

Anthony says that their top choices formed "a pretty short list" and that Sony was the obvious choice due to their unmatchable track record. When asked about the resources they have at their disposal to develop their new IP, Anthony seemed to paint a limitless picture. He said: "It's absolutely mind-blowing. For us, we have never been in a situation like this before, where we've got everything we could possibly ask for. From day one of the studio, we have complete financial security for years and years to come. Now, with this partnership with Sony, we can be ourselves."

No hints were given as to what this new IP might be, but it seems like the LA-based Deviation Games is being given vast resources to be able to realise what it wants. With what Call of Duty: Black Ops achieved, these creators really could bring the next big PlayStation hit.

Deviation Games is not the only studio to be partnered with Sony recently either. Jade Reymond's Haven Entertainment Studios is also working on a new PlayStation exclusive. Head of PlayStation Worldwide Studios Herman Hulst was also present during the interview and said that these kinds of partnerships aren't one-offs.

On the acquisitions, he said "I would say you see a pattern. And I would be the last to deny that there's some intention behind that. They're all best in class talent in what they've made before.

Microsoft seems to be at the centre of discussions about which studios might get picked up by a console platform next in most speculation. However, Sony hasn't been slouching either. While the company hasn't picked up many long proven fan-favorite studios recently, it's quietly acquiring games and IPs from these newly-founded studios that do have long-proven talent.

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