PS5 Has Reportedly Outsold Xbox Series X by Substantial Amount

PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S consoles became available during the same week last year in November 2020, but it sounds like one of the next-gen platforms is already doing drastically better than the other. Although we don't have specific numbers from each respective company to go off of when it comes to comparing the sales of each piece of hardware, one analytics business believes that PlayStation is having a much stronger start to 2021.

According to new information from Ampere Analytics, it is estimated that the PlayStation 5 sold through roughly 2.83 million consoles around the globe through the first quarter of 2021. By comparison, Microsoft and its Xbox Series X/S units were only able to sell approximately 1.31 million consoles in total. Assuming that these numbers are true, then it means that Sony is doubling the number of consoles that it is selling in comparison to Microsoft to start the year.

In all honesty, this is pretty unsurprising to hear come about. PlayStation has already announced that it has sold close to 8 million units of the PS5 since its release back in November 2020, which means it's on an even faster pace out of the gate compared to the PlayStation 4. Additionally, other analytics firms have already said in the past that the next-gen hardware from Sony is the fastest-selling in history. So to hear that PlayStation is besting Xbox by a fair margin isn't all that shocking.

Still, it's worth stressing that PlayStation isn't even the top console manufacturer right now. By comparison to Nintendo and the Switch, the PS5's sales look far less impressive. Ampere estimates that within the same first quarter of this year, Nintendo was able to sell roughly 5.86 million consoles around the globe, which is more than double compared to the PS5. So even though PlayStation is doing well for itself with the PS5 so far, Nintendo is still the top dog at the moment.

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Maybe so, but the Switch did much better than the both of them


People are really forgetting that Microsoft is focusing more on gamepass than anything these days, I'm not saying they don't want to sell consoles, of course they do, but the amount of money they make monthly from gamepass is eye watering.

Both Sony and MS are having stock issues and both are selling out as quickly as places can get stock.


Limited availability and high resale prices. It's hard to speculate but as far as I know they're still being bought out as they are put on the market for both consoles. Hard to compare when neither can keep the supply high enough for the demand. I'm sure the figures would be much larger.


Idt the numbers are really telling for either ps5 or Xbox. If Microsoft had double the amount of Xboxes Id imagine they'd sell out still. Same can be said with Sony if they had more.

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