It Takes Two Director Feels Single Player Games Are Too Long

It Takes Two released recently, and was a pretty solid affair. The game came from Hazelight Studios, who has released several co-op based experiences now, and was directed by the now infamous Josef Fares. The Creator has always been an opinionated one, and now he seems to be thinking about the length of modern single player games, and just who is is going back to them.

In an interview with Inverse, Fares talked about the length of single player games. Being blunt, he just said that he felt they were too long, games in general he looks at as too long. He seems to think that right now there is too much focus on things like replayability, despite the fact that very few people actually replay games, or even finish them. This is very similar to something he said in his interview with us, where he talked about the repetition often found in narrative-based games.

“I do believe that many of the single-player games last a bit too long and mechanics are used for too long. Games are too long,” he said.

“It’s weird that people want replayability. Why the f**k are we talking about replayability? Do you know what percentage of people actually replay a game? I’m not sure if this is true, but I believe the people who buy games without playing once is a higher percentage than those who replay them. Yet, we’re still focusing on that small part.”

It Takes Two is available now on PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X/S, Xbox One and PC. The game is a relatively short experience, too, so you can’t fault the man for not practicing what he preaches.

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