Xbox engineer explains how Smart Delivery makes keeping saves simpler

Xbox Smart Delivery lets you take both your games and your saves wherever you play, and an Xbox engineer has pulled back the curtain to reveal how it works behind the scenes.

While the current form of Xbox Smart Delivery has been quietly doing its thing ever since the launch of Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S, it got a new wave of attention after the new-gen version of Marvel's Avengers arrived and everybody saw the capital "P" Process of migrating your PS4 saves over to the PS5 version, which requires updating and launching the PS4 version on your PS5 even if you were already playing it on your PS5.

If you're playing on Xbox, your saves will be ready for you as soon as you have the Xbox Series X|S version installed. Xbox engineering lead Eden Marie explained in a thread on her Twitter account what makes it so simple.

Each Xbox game has one common identity, no matter which of its console versions you're playing. This means your automatically uploaded cloud saves belong to that one common identity, and your console will always know where to find them no matter which version of the game the saves came from in the first place.

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so pretty much exactly like ps plus save comes from the cloud got it nothing new there, scratch that its exactly how playstaton handles it

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