Streamer crashes Warzone server by blowing up every vehicle

A streamer keen to test the limits of what Call of Duty Warzone can handle crashed the game by coordinating a volley of cluster strikes designed to blow up every vehicle in the game simultaneously.

Having agreed on a ceasefire, MarleyThirteen and 149 of his followers dropped into a match with the goal of creating the biggest explosion possible to see what would happen.

The group made several failed attempts to round up all the vehicles in Verdansk in a single location—reckless parking and accidental collisions caused a chain reaction of explosions in one effort on the airport runway—before finding a suitable spot near Promenade East.

“Could we cause a rift in the servers by blowing up every vehicle on the map at once? Well, you better believe we could.”

MarleyThirteen and his followers have posted a series of videos over the past few weeks in which they attempt to break the game through various means.

Across several videos, the huge number of players are shown dropping into and gathering in the same locations, calling in over 100 loadouts at the same time, and looting all the available cash before giving it to a single player, with varying results.

Most of the behaviour of the around 150 players caused Warzone to visibly struggle, with animations skipping frames and visual glitches affecting scenery and items.

Activision launched Black Ops Cold War and Warzone Season 2 on February 25, introducing fresh points of interest in Verdansk including a shipwreck, missile silos, mysterious Black Ops zombie terminals and a new dock at the dam.

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Rolled. such potential wasted by money hungry activison too worried about battle pass and polishing maps from 6 years ago..


Not surprising servers are junk

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