After just a few hours, Dbrand’s PS5 ‘Darkplates’ are sold out

Canadian peripheral firm Dbrand put its PS5 ‘Darkplates’ on sale on Friday and within hours it had sold out of stock until May.

The company, which is mainly known for its phone cases, is selling the Disc Edition matte black PS5 faceplates for $50 each, with the Digital variant set to go on sale later.

Other companies have started selling custom PS5 face plates, but Dbrand’s version is distinct for its take on Sony’s button shapes pattern, which can be found on parts of the console and on the DualSense controller.

Dbrand describes its version of the pattern as “a familiar-but-legally-distinct apocalyptic spin on the classic PlayStation button shapes”. From a distance, it doesn’t appear dissimilar from the official branding.

Dbrand previously said it could later expand its range to offer other PlayStation 5 faceplate colours, but for now, it’s focusing on matte black with “a curated array of middle skins”.

As revealed in an official PlayStation 5 teardown video, PS5’s standard white shell snaps off, theoretically allowing the unofficial replicas to be easily inserted in its place.

Dbrand’s product launch follows a high-profile case in the UK which saw one company cancel its plans to create custom PS5 faceplates after Sony allegedly threatened legal action.

Asked by a Reddit user last month if it feared similar legal action over its faceplates, Dbrand dismissed the notion, writing: “We encourage them to try.” A caption on its Reddit post also reads: “sue us, Sony.”

Earlier this week the first black PS5 DualSense controllers went on sale via another third-party peripheral company, CMP Shells.

CMP’s matte black DualSense controller with a retro logo is priced at $115, while its matte black DualSense controller with a classic PlayStation button set and retro logo is priced at $125.

Currently, Sony has not committed to releasing different colour PS5 consoles or customisation options, although it has said it intends to release DualSense colours other than the default white and black in the future.

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