Factorio Sales Cross 2.5 Million, Expansion Pack Planned

Wube Software recently released update 1.1 for Factorio, its highly-rated factory builder on PC, and it’s served to add a number of quality of life features. This includes a revamped GUI for trains, allowing Spidertrons to follow each other and the frequently-requested Blueprint Flip. What’s next for the studio though?

In a new blog post, it noted that the 1.1 release was the final update for the base game. “It will be maintained, so bugfixes, simple modding interface additions, or minor tweaks can happen, but that’s about it.”

In discussing various ways that Factorio could be extended, it eventually settled on an expansion pack. Currently, it’s “too early to show any of the plans, and since we want to keep the iterative process of expanding things that prove to be the most fun, the plan is quite loose anyway.” In terms of when it can be expected to release, Wube Software says it won’t take “less than a year to develop.”

Finally, the developer announced that Factorio has sold over 2.5 million copies till date. From its crowd-funding campaign in 2013 to launching for early access in 2016, it’s been a long journey for the title. Version 1.0 launched last year and included a number of major new additions, including the aforementioned Spidertrons. As for what the expansion will entail, stay tuned for more details in the coming days.

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I could easily get lost in this game without a problem! LOL


Never heard of this game until now. From the trailer looks interesting.

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