TheTechPit Now Named

We have changed our name from thetechpit to so I ask all members and visitors to change there bookmarks to so you can find us again we are still the same site you know and love just with a new name we are also going to putting up new parts to the site as we are now a gaming and technology community please pass the word on about our name change and we hope to see you all back on the forums also we have changed our slogan to "Lifes a glitch" as it fits our current mood lol thanks alot TheTechGame Team also we would like to thank donny from for helping make the transition of the site fast and as painless as we could we are also pleased that we did not lose any data so dont worry, all login names, forums posts and arcade scores are still the same before the name change.



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LMAO, this is 6 months old, why did u just comment on probably the oldest news topic on the site? lol





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