Camera tech behind the Super Bowl

The Super Bowl is one of the largest sporting events on earth. It attracts hundreds of millions of viewers each year and even more dollars will be spent on advertising. Have you ever wondered what kind of technology is behind the curtains to make it all possible?

This year NBC is leaving no inch of the field uncovered. First off there will be "400 on-site production and engineering personnel" and they have put down over 50 miles of fiber optic cable. There will be 35 high end Sony cameras using Cannon lenses to make sure every inch of game play is covered. Cameras will be placed on everything from goal posts to outside the locker-rooms.

If all of those cameras were not enough there will also be X-mo cameras ( read slow motion cameras) placed on the side lines and goal lines for the upmost accuracy during reviews. The producers will also be using Apple Final Cut Pro for in game editing as well.

It's clear that NBC is making sure that all of us viewing at home will have the best possible angle and picture available. The real question is who will win Pittsburg or Arizona or are you only watching for the commercials?



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