Fortnite passes PUBG with 3.4 million concurrent players

Fortnite hit a new peak of 3.4 million concurrent players on Sunday, February 4 and the load caused major service disruptions.

So many players logged into Fortnite over the February 3-4 weekend it crashed the servers.

Before the outages, the game hit a peak concurrent user record of 3.4 million players.

Epic Games posted an update on the Fortnite website to share technical details about the challenges of having to “rapidly scale” a game and its online services, which are far beyond its “wildest growth expectations.”

According to Epic, the extreme load of players caused six different incidents over the two-day period resulting in a mix of partial and total service disruptions.

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Suprised it passes pub-g


I knew this was going to come on day. With fortnite being free and all. If it wasnt free it would not have this many players...