GTA Online has a new fastest car – it’s not going to break your bank

A new car drops for GTA Online today, and likely, you already have enough cash to purchase it. Unless you spend money like it grows on a tree in your backyard.

The Viseris will be made available for a paltry 875,000 in GTA Online, soon.

That’s rather inexpensive for a GTA 5 sports car. Available through Legendary Motorsports, the Viseris comes in various colors and modifications include forward facing twin machine guns. It also tops out at 146.5 mph (235.7 km/h). Nice.

According to information provided by FoxySnaps, the vehicle is part of a GTA Online update landing soon, which will include Slasher’s Adversary Mode running through January 16, and 2x RP/$GTA on all Lester Contract Missions.

Players can also expect 25% off various vehicle upgrades as well as the Ultralight.

Rockstar should announce the update later today, so check back later on for the all important details.

We’ll pop everything into its own post.

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Pretty sweet looking whip, not a bad price too.


Dope. Don't wanna go broke.


Wow, a car at that price and is not the fastest, pretty nice. The Car doesnt look that good but hopefully it has some good upgrades to pimp it out.


A new fast car huh, don't think I'd get it too ugly for my beautiful garages


i dont like it at all its ugly


That sounds still pretty expensive for a car on there.


Might be a fast car for a cheap price but the car looks like shit


Yeah it's the new fastest car until rockstar patch it and nerf it like everything in this game.