Star Wars Battlefront II’s newest multiplayer hero revealed

Star Wars Battlefront II‘s campaign will introduce a whole new anti-hero to the Star Wars canon in Iden Versio, an Imperial commander of the elite special ops Inferno Squad. But apparently she’s not only playable in the single-player campaign: according to a recent tweet from EA, Versio will also be a playable hero in Battlefront II‘s various multiplayer modes.

A trailer accompanying the Tweet shows off Versio’s arsenal of special abilities, and they look pretty badass. Her main weapon seems to fire both normal lasers and an explosive projectile, while her special abilities include the familiar pulse cannon from the first Battlefront, a personal bubble shield, and a stun droid which will home in on enemy players from a decent range and shock them to death.

In addition to the weaponry, the trailer also seems to show off one of Versio’s alternate outfits, trading in the now-recognizable black Inferno Squad stormtrooper armor for a white variant.

The new single-player campaign is perhaps the biggest addition to Star Wars Battlefront II (besides free seasons of DLC and possible pay-to-win mechanics). Taking place between Return of the Jedi and The Force Awakens, Battlefront II‘s campaign finds the Empire adrift after the destruction of the second Death Star and the death of the Emperor. Following these devastating events, Versio is tasked by her father, Admiral Versio, and the Emperor’s holographic face trapped in a fish bowl wearing a cape to perform a mysterious protocol known only as Operation Cinder.

We’ll have more coverage on the game’s single-player campaign next week, but suffice it to say that putting Versio on par with the likes of Darth Vader, Luke Skywalker, and Boba Fett in the game’s multiplayer hints at how serious an addition she is to the overall Star Wars saga.

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The new hero looks dope, I enjoyed the few hours I played the beta and can't wait to play the full game soon.


I Probably wont get this. Never really liked the first.


Looks like a great hero and I love the fact she's in her trooper outfit. Hoping we eventually get Grievous though.


Loved the beta. Can't wait to play the full game. Definitely interested in the story.


Awesome, Cant wait! This game is going to be great, I only played the pc beta but I still will play it on the xbox!