Microsoft admits to gaming performance issues in Windows 10 Update

For the past few months, hundreds of users have lamented the stuttering issues and FPS drops in various games after installing the Windows 10 Creators Update. Users also reported that clean installing drivers, and enabling or disabling Game DVR and Game Mode does not fix the issue.

Now, Microsoft has finally acknowledged the problem, stating that it is looking into the factors that can potentially be causing games to stutter.

According to reports on Nvidia's forums, gamers have been experiencing frame-rate drops and stuttering in various games like Overwatch, Rocket League, and Battlefield 1, even on high-end machines that should be able to handle the aforementioned titles with ease. These users claim that this issue was not present prior to the Creators Update - made available in April 2017 - which also includes "Game Mode" for better performance in games.

A Microsoft engineer has acknowledged the issue on Feedback Hub, saying that:

Thank you everyone for providing feedback and submitting traces. We have been analyzing the traces from your feedback and have identified several different problem sources surfacing as stutter in games. We have a fix for one of them in the Windows Insider build that flighted to the “Fast” ring (build 16273 and above). You can find instructions on joining the Windows 10 Insider Program here: We are actively investigating the remaining stutter causes and appreciate your patience on this issue.

It is important to note that build 16273 was released to Insiders near the end of last month, and supposedly includes fixes to only one of the issues identified by Microsoft engineers. That said, gamers will be pleased to know that Microsoft has launched a full investigation in order to determine the other sources of the problem. However, with the Fall Creators Update just around the corner, it is likely that any fixes that Microsoft develops will be made available in the feature update, rather than a cumulative update at this stage. We have reached out to the company for clarification and will update if it responds.

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There's alot of performance issues with windows 10 in general if you are installing for the first time i suggest finding a clean version with most of the unnecessary stuff removed i did yesterday and my pc runs alot better than before.


RepBandit Aint no way id backtrack to Windows 7 and i do not play games on my PC so i havent had no performance issues with my updates.

Windows 7 is the best tho ;(

Not if you want stability and any resolution abov 1080p it isnt...


RepBandit Aint no way id backtrack to Windows 7 and i do not play games on my PC so i havent had no performance issues with my updates.

Windows 7 is the best tho ;(


Aint no way id backtrack to Windows 7 and i do not play games on my PC so i havent had no performance issues with my updates.


There is a lot of unnecessary stuff that comes with Windows 10 but if you set it up properly there are plenty of clean versions out there with all the junk removed to maximize performance also. You can even make your own.


Can't stand Windows 10...bring back 7


All I play is Wow and Overwatch nothing changed on overwatch though so might be my settings


As long as it's sorted quickly, won't be too much an issue.


Craig Not personally noticed any difference. Didn't even know this was a thing till now.

It mostly had an impact on FPS games with the mouse's raw input. CSGO was the biggest contender for this issue as people noticed that their mouse would "skip" when moving it in CSGO or it would literally teleport at hyper speed, regardless of DPI or in-game sensitivity.

Alternatively, the fix for some games has been to right click the game(s) > Properties > Compatibility Tab > Disable Fullscreen Optimisation. However, not a lot of people had to do this as their system suffered very little due to hardware exceeding the game(s) requirements, they didn't update to Creator Update yet or they simply just didn't need to do anything as nothing was wrong in the first place.


Let's hope they get round to improving this quickly.