Bungie Looking Into Destiny 2 Errors With a New List of Known Problems

With a massive amount of players already taking part in Destiny 2, Bungie is quickly isolating known problems and other errors while keeping players updated on the bugfixes.

The issues that Bungie is currently working on span across both the PlayStation 4 and the Xbox One, sometimes having issues isolated to one console. Not all of them are gamebreaking – some of them simply affect a display date – but they’re all on Bungie’s radar in order to keep Destiny 2 players active in the newly-released game.

Updated on Saturday to reflect additional issues, below is the list of the emergent issues that have been identified in Destiny 2:

  • PS4 Pro Crashes:We are aware of reports of some PS4 Pro players encountering crashes and are working with our partners to investigate the issue.
  • Xbox Displayed Release Date:While the Xbox ONE Dashboard may be displaying the wrong date, Destiny 2 is available as of September 6, 2017. If you experience any issues accessing Destiny 2 licenses, you may need to contact Xbox Support for assistance.
  • Pre-Order Items and Content Packages:We are aware of player reports describing some items not being granted to players who believe they are eligible for access. We are working with our partners to determine the behavior of these content packs, and identify any issues which may be occurring.

  • The list of known issues that have been receiving attention for a bit longer on the list of work-in-progress fixes is a bit longer with some items on the list before Saturday, but it did receive a small update as well. An issue with quests, specifically with players not getting their quest rewards is one of the new known problems, and several issues related to the user interface were also added.

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    Watched a great video on top 10 glitches pretty hilarious


    A lot of bugs should be seen fixed in the beta.


    Sucks to see the bugs but it always seems to happen at the beginning of most things, hopefully they can get everything sorted out soon.


    Always expected to be errors and bugs when a game first launches. Great they are getting to work on the quickly.


    I like how they are identifying it and telling people about it, I hope they fix the PS4 Pro crashes soon tho


    It's good that they are identifying these issues and trying to 'look' into them fairly quickly - let's hope they get them patched up.