Rockstar Conducting Surveys On Red Dead Redemption 2’s Popularity

One thing people have not failed to notice ever since Red Dead Redemption 2 was announced earlier in the year is just how little Rockstar have spoken about the game. Sure, it’s subsequently been delayed to 2018, but we still know and have seen next to nothing of the game, and considering how big a release this is for both, Rockstar and their fans, that’s a little surprising. Judging by a new survey spotted online, though, it looks like Rockstar might be thinking of changing that.

Reddit user trevors685 recently came across a survey that included questions such as “How much communication have you seen or heard about Red Dead Redemption 2?” and “How likely are you to purchase Red Dead Redemption 2?” Please take this survey with a grain of salt but this, of course, is no real indication of anything, but maybe Rockstar are thinking of ramping up the marketing and advertising for the game a little bit more.

Considering the game is months and months away from release, it makes sense that there hasn’t been much marketing for it (especially since its a big budget Rockstar title that needs little marketing to begin with), but seeing as we’re getting closer to its launch every day, it also makes sense that Rockstar will want to ramp things up in the coming months.

Red Dead Redemption 2 launches next year for the Xbox One, PS4 and PC. Stay tuned for more updates on the game.

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im just wondering if they will do the multiplayer like gta5


From what i see a lot of people are wanting a red dead 2.


I loved the first RDR and am definitely looking forward to experiencing the sequel next year. I'm sure it will be one me and all of the guys can enjoy together for many hours.


The online was super fun on the first RDR so I hope that they keep the same features and maybe add some newer ones


If you have not played the first RDR, you are missing out on so much in life. I beat the first one in 2 days. I was hooked to it non stop, and then after beating the main story it gave me months of fun playing online. I am so exited for the second RDR. The reason people are not talking about it is due to no advertising. Run some ads, post some excitement videos and that game will be seen everywhere!


Decy Never tried out the first will have to pick it up to decide on whether i get this or not.

Would recommend it, despite being fairly old it's still a good game and I hope the 2nd wil be even better.


Honestly can't wait for it, loved the first game so much, along with the many memories online in bear claw camp hahaha!


Never tried out the first will have to pick it up to decide on whether i get this or not.


Can't wait for it's release although haven't seen many people hyped up for it like me.


I wonder if they will do a zombie dlc like the first one, was a big fan of the 1st one