Call of Duty: WWII reveals big changes to the Nazi Zombies formula

The coverage of Call of Duty: WWII in Game Informer‘s September issue has revealed an onslaught of new details for the shooter’s highly anticipated Nazi Zombies survival mode.

One of the biggest changes in WWII‘s Nazi Zombies mode compared to the survival modes of the previous Call of Duty instalments is that players will choose from one of four classes, each with their own unique responsibilities when fighting the hordes. The classes are divided into offense, control, support, and medic. Players will get to specialize these classes with customizable loadouts, and can unlock “permanent progression elements” for the roles that will aid in survival down the line.

As hinted at in the mode’s reveal trailer, fans can expect a variety of zombie types beyond the old shambler. Players will encounter cannon fodder enemies that are missing limbs, more formidable foes that explode or have weapons grafted onto their bodies, and even some monstrosities that are “assembled from massive weapons, flame, and multiple bodies.” Like the Zombies sagas before it, WWII will also roll out mini bosses to impede the player in special scenarios.

The adventure will still feature gun purchases and unlockable gates, like in the old survival modes, but progression through WWII‘s experience will be more reliant on objectives and location-based encounters. Certain parts of a map will be locked off until the group can complete challenges that will let them progress, such as killing zombies in a constantly moving radius.

For returning Zombies fans, additional similarities to the older survival modes include a wave-based format, power-up drops, special (wonder) weapons, and complex puzzle solving. The key points found in Game Informer‘s article were summarized in a recent Reddit post, but non-subscribers that want to check out the article in full can find it in the post, linked to a collection of images. (It should be said that said collection might not be around forever since it doesn’t seem particularly legal.)

Prior to the Game Informer article, a couple of WWII developers took part in an interview in which they went more in-depth on the uncoverable secrets of Nazi Zombies. Not only will these substantial Easter eggs expand on the narrative behind the adventure, a few will give special nods to the characters playing the mode’s survivors.

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Some awesome changes, sounds to me Zombies is going to be amazing


Sounds great and all but I hope that surviving to high rounds doesn't become too hard. Excited to see what we get no matter what though.


Zombies sound like it's going to be lit this year.


Looks like a great change t me, no matter what they do to the game the game overall is going to be awesome.


As long as they can keep a horror feel and EEs I'm intrigued.


Hopefully won't turn into an only co op game, would hate to see solo high rounds die just because you can't pick a certain class that may play a vital role later in the game. Still a cool change though, stoked to see how it pans out with the community.


Why do they act like this class thing is new to cod? Ghost had it for extinction. Granted there was an ending to the survival rather than you just "surviving".


Seems like a nice change, can not wait.


Was expecting to learn something new but the big youtubers already covered this and so did CI


Quite different but I'm sure it'll be great.