Report: Modern Warfare Remastered Could Be Getting A New Map Pack

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered has been seeing a bit of resurgence since its solo release on the PlayStation 4 last month – and now it appears that we could be seeing some new content for it early next month.

A French video game retailer recently posted details for a new downloadable content pack coming to the game, though the listing has since been removed. However, the details have been captured, and, according to Reddit, players can expect a four-pack of old-school maps soon enough.

The following maps have been detailed in the pack:

Palace: A remake of the MW2 fan favorite map Estate, brings players to a luxurious walled off palace in the middle east.

Terminal: A remake of the MW2 fan favorite map Terminal, brings players to a Russian airport terminal.

Skyscraper: A remake of the MW2 fan favorite map Highrise, brings players to the roof of a newly build skyscraper in the middle east.

Boundary: A remake of the MW3 fan favorite map Dome, brings players to the Russian, Finnish border in a snowy re-imagining of Dome

The retailer indicates that the map pack will be available starting August 1st for PlayStation 4, and is likely to release later on for Xbox One and PC, as the game will soon get released for those platforms as well.

That said, take this information with a grain of salt. Activision hasn’t confirmed this map pack just yet, though it could very well do so as soon as next week, as it’s prone to do when details first leak out from a forthcoming map pack. We’ll let you know when the company makes it official.

We know Raven Software has been looking for ways to capitalize on Modern Warfare Remastered’s success since its solo release, and a new map pack would definitely hit the spot. Now, let’s see if this pack becomes a reality, and if players can enjoy a little more of the Days of Summer promotion that’s currently happening across the board for Call of Duty games.

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare Remastered is available now for PlayStation 4, and can also be picked up for Xbox One and PC as part of the Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare Legacy Edition.

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hopefully this ad was wrong and instead its a remaster of mw2!


Pretty awesome pack, would be even better if it was for free.


Will definitely be buying this once it's released!


Remake after remake after remake. When will it end?! Lol only idiots keep buying the same games/maps repeatedly. Now I understand why this franchise is still alive....


I'd definitely buy this map pack. Terminal? Oh hell yes.


Now this mappack I'd buy for sure!


I remember when this was supposed to be "the best thing ever".


Don't remaster the maps as a retexture, remaster the entire sodding games!


Remember when they said they wanted to keep this game like the original seems like it.


This would be a great map pack if they didn't mess with it too much. Dome, Highrise, Estate and Terminal all 4 favourites for me. Or maybe just bring back MW2 ?

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