Xbox backward compatibility adds three new games—but there’s a catch

A new trilogy of games has just joined the Xbox One’s backward compatibility program, but that news might not be exciting to most of the world.

The three games are all titles in the Steins;Gate series, originally from Japan. Their names, when translated, come out to Steins;Gate (the original), Steins;Gate: Darling of Loving Vows, and Steins;Gate: Linear Bounded Phenogram. None of these games ever saw release in the West on Xbox One, and only the first was ever localized into English on any platform at all. That means unless you speak fluent Japanese, you’re probably not going to benefit much from this announcement.

The first Steins; Gate originally arrived on the Xbox 360 back in 2009. While it took off in Japan, with the series garnering its own radio show, manga, light novel, film, board game, and even live-action play, it’s less well-known in North America. Now, though, with the games’ addition to the backward compatibility program, it should be easier for potential fans to get their hands on the game, provided they can overcome the language barrier.

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-ROBLOX- saki prob enjoy this tbh...

You beat me too it hahahaha don't let Seam see this post hahaha,

can't see myself ever playing these but atleast their supporting other regions remembering the games they enjoy too


You know, there are games other people play besides the incredibly stale CoD games you guys desperately want.
Three CoDs put on the BC list and all people do is complain about wanting more.


And here we go with people complaining that it wasn't heard of. Yet if you think about it, a fair amount of the games they released before weren't known all throughout japan.


saki prob enjoy this tbh...


Wtf even are these, Id love MW3 to come to bc now that would be fun.


lol.... we haven't head of these before because they only came out in Japan ...

Reversing Man, They're wasting time on these unknown games.

Did you even read the post? of course its unknown lol it was only ever released in japan.


Oh baby some Steins;Gate


ReevyMods All I can say on behalf of everyone else is... MW2

Its not up to Xbox, its up to Infinity Ward/Activision as they own the rights to it, they will also more than likely remaster it in order to get more money.


All I can say on behalf of everyone else is... MW2


Man, They're wasting time on these unknown games.