Hello Games saying “No Man’s Sky was a mistake” blamed on server hack

If you follow Hello Games on Twitter and were scratching your head over a recent tweet, you’re not the only one.

Earlier this morning, a tweet posted on the Hello Games account said, simply, “No Man’s Sky was a mistake.”

It was quickly taken down, and the account locked, leading many to believe a meltdown of sorts had happened at the studio.

Some speculated the Twitter account was hacked, but a representative of the studio told Forbes that a “disgruntled employee” posted the tweet and they are in the process of getting it “sorted out.”

As Forbes notes, there are only 16 people employed at the studio, so it shouldn’t take much effort to find the culprit.

Then when Polygon reached out for comment, someone claiming to be Sean Murray, or at least using his email account, got back with the site. The person, again using Murray’s account, said: “The tweet is from me, but somebody from the team took it down. We have not been coping well.”

And the plot thickens even more. Sean Murray finally broke his two month silence on his Twitter account, saying the company servers were hacked:

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Source: http://www.vg247.com/2016/10/28/odd-tweet-from-hello-games-saying-no-mans-sky-was-a-mistake-blamed-on-server-hack/


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The game was a massive let down.


I didn't like the game, I thought it was boring.


Sean Murray is an idiot for everything he said


This game was terrible in general. It had so much hype and I was even interested it. Once I played it, i lost all feeling for it.


This article gave me a good laugh. The game was a mistake, and fulse advertised. I thought I read somewhere there is lawsuits against them for that? Good riddens.


How to steal money 101: Over hype a game that is nothing what the trailers and devs show/say it is.


The game isnt bad..... its just not a game i can get into because its so repetitive so thats why i havent played it for awhile now


I'm glad I didn't buy this game lol, especially when it was pretty big when it was released not long ago.


They're so brainless and dead boned. Waste of money for a game. smh


They are turning to me for clues

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