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Well well well, after about 5-6 years of grinding for GK I finally achieved it. Would love to give a super special shoutout to Hellawave. If it wasn't for him I would have never gotten into graphic designing.

Shout out to all my clients, and the staff. Especially could not have done it with out you all! Here's to amazing things to come. Much love and thank you Mortar

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Very well deserved, congratulations on achieving graphics king Xylon. Keep up the great work!!!
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That's a beautiful badge you have there lad, not an easy one to obtain by any means, so congratulations brother and keep the gfx coming.
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Congrats bro well deserved
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Congrats g
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Seriously congrats I heard you a few times in the shoutbox wanting this badge. Well done buddy
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Congrats on the new badge!
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Very nice! Very jealous, I may have to break out my photoshop skills soon.
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Congrats homie! Definitely deserved it
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