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Yep, it's that time of the year again!

Those gifted during the Summer 2020 Giveaway will receive the Summer 2020 Badge, and at the end of each month, the Top 5 gifters of that month will be given a custom rank of their choice.

The gifts can be done through both Shoutbox gifts and normal gifts. All that matters is the total gift count at the end of each month.

Also, if you gift through the Shoutbox, you will also get rep-- lots of it.

Remember, only gift IF YOU CAN AFFORD TO DO SO!

The duration of the giveaway is 3 months.

Starts: 01/06/20
Ends: 31/08/20

Come hang out with us in the Shoutbox if you have free time and say hi!


Happy gifting!

The Following 55 Users Say Thank You to Ryan For This Useful Post:

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June events there is the normal Summer one and there will be pop up events for a Counterfeit E3 2020 badge.

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I'll be gifting randomly across the next few months! Drop in on the shoutbox and maybe you'll be a lucky winner
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Thx for the 2 brand new badges Sean

Thx Ryan for making the thread

Let's have a great summer people besides the riots and covid 19
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so we get double xp in the shout box for the next 3 months??? count me in
Thank you Ryan
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Can we get the dates written in American and not backwards language?


happy gifting
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Ill be dropping randomly too !
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I'll gift what I can when I can!

Never really been apart of this before so let's (try) give it ago now I'm back at work
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Hmm! i may have to drop more now~
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Awesome. Definitely gonna be the strangest summer in Ttg history for sure!
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