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PlayStation 5 Reveal Event- Chat and Stream


The presentation will air on June 11 at 1pm PT / 4pm ET / 9pm BST (or on June 12 at 6am AEST).

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The ps5 is certainly a next generation console

on the real though I'm interested to see how they handle backwards compatibility, with the XSX being announced as having a huge backwards compatible catalog, and with Xbox trying to not drop the ball with how they did with the X1 reveal I imagine PS5 will have more of a challenge this time around. I saw that a retailer leaked PS5 backwards compatibility, but direct from Sony information would be more helpful.

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Interested to see what PS is gonna have for us this year!
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The ps5 is certainly a next generation console
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The ps5 is certainly a next generation console
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I'm certainly a next generation console.
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Are they really starting to shape their controllers like the Xbox One, or am I just seeing things?
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The ps5 is certainly a next generation console

Here's hoping the backwards compatibility for ALL PS games is real
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I'm really looking forward to it, i hope they reveal something huge.
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I'm excited to see what exclusives they have to offer. No reason to buy an Xbox if you have a good PC. Also I hope the console doesn't look like anything like the dev kit.
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