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I do believe in the afterlife. I believe we all have a resting place when our time comes.
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I'm of the opinion that nothing follows life, but then again I'm open to whatever. No one can really know for sure (However I will call BS on those who claim to have met the higher power via death or visions) until their clock strikes midnight, and I'd hate to be all "The afterlife is FAKE religion is a SCAM" then get hit by a bus and show up to the gates getting judgemental looks from Muhammed.

So basically I don't really find myself believing in much following death, in my opinion humans are basically zilch in the grand scheme of the universe and life, we just happened to use our thumbs and create indoor plumbing. Luck of the draw I suppose.

I do see though where some can find comfort in the idea of an afterlife with the passing of loved ones, whatever helps each person sleep at night.
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-Raven wroteit just feels weird thinking all of this goes away after we leave almost like a hardcore minecraft world.
Like how did we even get here i dont believe in a god but i mean there has to be one right? Like it feels were put here more than we were made here. I know i went a bit off top but idk makes my head hurt thinking that deep lol

I believe we have been put here for a purpose, but it just boggles and fries my brain with thinking about what happens when we pass away, like what do we do? Do we still have our senses? One day we will find out!
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I've been struggling with the idea recently. I personally have never been religious, however my girlfriend and her family follows the Mormon religion so I've been going to church and listening to the missionaries and if I remember correctly, according to them after we die we go to one of 2 places.

If you were a strong faithful follower of god you would go to "spirit paradise", if not (doesn't matter if you just never thought about it, if you followed satan, etc.) you would go to "spirit prison". The idea is that once in spirit prison you will be learning about the true god and become a faithful follower. Spirits from the paradise will come as missionaries to help the learning process. I asked if it was like prison here on earth and they said that it's not a bad place, what we consider paradise on earth has no reach to even what spirit prison is like if that makes sense.

Once the second coming of Christ happens, there will be a judgement day where you go before god and from there we will be sent to 1 of 3 kingdoms. I believe it's the celestial kingdom, telestial kingdom, and terrestrial kingdom. I think it's in that order, but from the way I understand it, celestial is the highest of the kingdoms for the most faithful followers, telestial is for those who followed but not to the fullest, and the terrestrial is for those that did not follow (all this after spirit paradise / prison).

I'm still having a hard time with all of it because I look at things scientifically and none of that makes sense to me.
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Umm I don't know what to really tell you because aswell as myself, I'm not religious. I have been to church once. I think there is something else after life, like recantation. As far as I'm concerned, there is no religious prison in the after life, I'm strictly science and the theory of evolution.
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There was a time before you born - do you remember it? No. That is what it will be like when you die.
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i like to think there is a afterlife due to paranormal experinces but i mean you never know lol
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I'm not religious, I don't believe in god. But I do believe we don't just die. We are too evolved to just die and that's it. I've witnessed supernatural things that I can't explain. You tell people and they think you're chatting crap. I know what I saw and I'm not saying it was a spirit. But It makes you question what happens to our spirits after our body has given up.
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it's hard to guess but i do think there is some sort of after life.
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