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I don't believe there is an after life and also don't believe in god. I believe 'the big bang theory' is how we got created and think that once you are dead, that is it.
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-Raven wroteit just feels weird thinking all of this goes away after we leave

It shouldn't feel weird, it's actually very simple to comprehend and should be easier to comprehend than something like Heaven because you have essentially been there before.
It's just what it was like before you were born. That's it. It's not like looking at a black screen for eternity.

Like how did we even get here i dont believe in a god but i mean there has to be one right?

Not necessarily. There is currently no logical or physical proof for the existence of a God.
Even the Deistic notion that 'something had to start everything' is nonsensical and logically fallacious, it's called special pleading.

If someone says that something had to start everything and then points to something which was never started, a God, they are engaged in a logical fallacy. "Everything needs a cause. Except this.'

Now does that mean that the Universe has always existed? No.
It means something which few people seem to be comfortable saying... 'we don't know.'

With that being said, just because we don't know things doesn't mean we have to accept everybody's opinions, regardless of what they are. If someone makes the claim that they know how the Universe began, or what happens after death, then they must be able to provide some reasoning or evidence for their belief. If you critically examine that reasoning and evidence and find that it doesn't make any sense or doesn't show what they think it shows then you don't have to entertain their belief as a possibility. You can say that you don't believe their claim. This doesn't mean that you are saying that they are wrong, it is just that you don't think they have met the burden of proof to support their claim.

If you do this enough for enough claims then you will eventually reach the point where you realise that no claims about how the Universe began or what happens after death meet the burden of proof for you to be able to say 'I believe this is what happened in the past and what will happen when I die.'

Your standards of evidence required to prove something like what happens after death should be so high that if you are convinced then the person who convinced you should win a Nobel prize and make headlines across the world.

The most flat out obvious explanation for me as to what happens after death is that nothing happens. I have no reason to believe otherwise and the evidence is that we know that conscious experience is directly interlinked with the health of the brain.
If the brain is damaged then the conscious experience changes. If someone gets hit in the head very hard, they can be knocked out. If the brain is dead, then it stands to reason that the conscious experience dies with it.

As compelling as I believe that evidence is, I wouldn't say that I believe that it is conclusive.
The most I would be willing to say is that with the evidence I am currently aware of it is the most likely explanation for what happens after we die.

And I would love to see anyone come up with better evidence and reasoning for something different, or even the same claim.
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I really believe that there's life after death but you'll never know until you die unfortunately!
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I think you roam around as a spirit wherever you died by as a ball of energy crazy to think about
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There is no point to life, everyone dies, come have some fun?
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There are many conspiracies and possibilities of what could come after death... Many, if not most, are based upon religious beliefs and others believe we just rot in our grave.
But there is a lot we don't understand yet, and unfortunately I doubt it'll be in our life-time that we'll understand what will come... until we die?

A big part of me believes there is an after-life, or reincarnation even.

I guess we'll just have to wait and see, but according to many if we make it to 2050, we'll be immortal by that time and this topic will die down as time goes on.
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I feel like there is something after you die as some things happen that can't be explained makes you think.
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It'd be nice to know that the people I've lost are somewhere, watching over. But no, I don't believe in it.
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I think you go somewhere after you die, and one of my family members had a ghost in there house!! While they were sleeping, the felt the duvet move and heard things moving around in the room, and they were home alone!
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