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  • Christmas!
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So many army based dudes
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  • PC Master Race
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System's Analyst for a Hospital Network in the midwest.

I mostly manage a hardware inventory database for our location, handle day to day stuff like tickets regarding Faculty hardware/software, documentation, plan out our lifecycle system, order new hardware as needed and assist in new software rollouts and stuff.

But mostly I sit in the shoutbox and annoy madz

Oh yeah and I'm a full time internet badass
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I work at a cable company called Spectrum. It's pretty nice as I'm a field tech.
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IT System Administrator
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  • Summer 2019
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I'm 15 and I'm a kitchen porter
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Just recently accepted a new position contracting for the US Army Corps of Engineers doing desktop support.
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Just accepted a position yesterday as a Stadium Operations coordinator at my local minor league park.
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  • Winter 2016
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NIght shifts at a warehouse (Yodel)
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I am a professional delivery and install specialist for al things household anything in a house I install and deliver to clients all over Nevada
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Well I was, technically still am, an Emergency Medical Technician for a few places in my state.

Unfortunately, I found myself on the other side of the stretcher in September. I had collapsed with a seizure, and have since been diagnosed as epileptic. Currently, I've returned to being a student given that I can't work.
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