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Hey guys I'm from Australia and I work for a company called Monstr it's pretty big over here hop on insta and or Facebook an search us we have a clothing store a customs store and so on. I Manage the custom shop so we do wheels tyres air ride suspension An lift Kits

Now tell me what you do to pay your bills guys x
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I work in a motorway services, I work at BP so its kind of hectic, good money though!
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Chef a thyme restaurant xD
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I don't work, EZ Money
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I'm in the Royal Air Force working as a Cyberspace Communications Specialist.
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I make cabinets for kitchens and bedrooms for the trade across the UK. Proper stuff. Non of your Wikes, Ikea, Wren shit.
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Im a Land Surveyor and I combine that with my drone UAV business. Pays well!
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Im a medication aide at an assisted living home
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A food runner at a french restaurant/bakery called maison kayser and I'm an usher at the apollo theater.
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I work for the United States Secret Service.
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