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if a baby is born at 1:59 am and then it's twin is born 2 minutes later but the clocks go back so its born at 1:01 am who is older?

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Are you under the influence of narcotics, sir?
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I'll have some of whatever you just had.
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Legally the child born second would be considered as the older child however the one born first is physically the older child
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like this literally makes no sense bro
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Um probably the first one if the 2nd is always born 2mins after idk tho cunfussled
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yea i agree, chicken noodle soup is great with pumpkin pie and pizza.

The second one born is older cuz he eats pizza
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I'm so confused
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It makes no difference what the time is lol, if the first twin comes first it would be older?
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People are confused so let me clear this up for anyone who's a lil confused

Here in the US most of our states with exception roll back time 1hr in the fall and go 1hr ahead in the spring to account for early nights and late sunrises some confusing thing like that.

Moral of the story if you are in a state that does this at 2:01am ur clock will not say 2:01 it will go back an hour and go to 1:01 resetting the 1 o'clock hour.

Meaning the first child was born at 1:59

2 mins later the 2nd child is born and the clock rolls back to 1 o'Clock

The 2nd child is then born at 1:01

All this is happening in the Am
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