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Right now I am currently unemployed. In a few months after a certain situation is over in 5 months I plan on going to school but I do have an interview today. One day maybe my youtube channel could become another second job for me too!

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I currently have 3 jobs they call overlap which makes life controllable for me. I run two family businesses and also work in a financial institution
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I'm currently a recruitment consultant for a couple technology start-ups in Los Angeles. Basically helping C-suite execs source and hire talent needed and build out talent maps dependant on foreseeable growth.

It's stressful, but fun and the pay is good.
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I work in an Engineering department in the medical device industry, I help plan/design insulin delivery devices and prosthesis.
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messy and boring
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I used to be a welder, I got into a car accident and broke my back. I am currently disabled now.
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I work at a local supermarket.
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I'm a lift engineer in london. I install lifts ranging from 2 floors to 30 floors
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I work as a production assistant on movie sets
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3 jobs - delivery driver for a supermarket, delivery driver for a takeaway place and a labourer.
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