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Right now I am currently unemployed. In a few months after a certain situation is over in 5 months I plan on going to school but I do have an interview today. One day maybe my youtube channel could become another second job for me too!

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I currently have 3 jobs they call overlap which makes life controllable for me. I run two family businesses and also work in a financial institution
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I'm currently a recruitment consultant for a couple technology start-ups in Los Angeles. Basically helping C-suite execs source and hire talent needed and build out talent maps dependant on foreseeable growth.

It's stressful, but fun and the pay is good.
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i'm an entrepreneur and working on my website right now. I built a webste wit WordPress and bought woocommerce product filter for my online store. These plugins are great for any online store and can help to save the time on early stage of ecommerce and make the shopping process really easy for my site users.

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I work in an Engineering department in the medical device industry, I help plan/design insulin delivery devices and prosthesis.
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messy and boring
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I used to be a welder, I got into a car accident and broke my back. I am currently disabled now.
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I work at a local supermarket.
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I'm a lift engineer in london. I install lifts ranging from 2 floors to 30 floors
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I work as a production assistant on movie sets
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