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Jimmy Choo
Mont Blanc

Always have these at my disposal depending on the company in question ^___o..
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Big fan of Sauvage by Dior
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Paco 1 millon
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WHATEVER the ol lady grabs me.
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Giza wroteBig fan of Sauvage by Dior
this is what I use as well but it is expensive.
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Looooooootttaaaa options here... man. I think Imma go with the Paco Rabanne 1 Million. I had a sample of it before and my wife enjoyed it alot. But, I'll def be coming back to this thread for choices in the future.
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I use Paul smith London and Dior Sauvage, they're my favourite scents to date
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right now have on some Hugo boss. Usually use gio Armani
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Been using Polo Blue for like 5 years, not very expensive and all of my exes have liked it
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I use jaguar mostly atm, i have a couple different kinds of Versace also!
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