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What Cologne are you currently using? I have Armani Code black bottle but I truly only like the smell if I spray it on a sweatshirt and I wear that sweatshirt the next day.....

Do you have any suggestions? I'm looking for that good good lol. Some guys just smell good and I doubt they spray all their clothes the day before... maybe but I doubt haha.

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Million dollar

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Armani Code Profumo
Acqua Di Gio
Mont Blanc Legend
Calvin Klein Eternity Aqua

I have others but these I wear the most
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I usually use:

Paco rabane
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I use the free samples they put out and just leave.
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Hugo boss
Boss in motion
Tommy hillfiger
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My favourite at the moment is either hugo boss unlimited, it's a white bottle with green writing on it, or emporio Armani stronger with you.
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Aventus Creed, but it's a fake version, seems legit so far though.
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Usually ride with Nautica blue or Voyage. Cheap and smells good.
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Does Febreze count?
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