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I think I would be pretty happy if I was a billionaire
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I believe money does make you happy for a period of time, once you have everything you could want then it could be hard to be happy.
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It takes **** money to live and to do or have anything. And many don't bring in a lot or can't find any **** work.
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Personally i think no because most people i know that have a "huge" amount of money end up alone and addicted to drugs. When people have got money they have no longer anything in life they want to work towards unless they were going to persue with building a business, even that is a long shot.

Summing up, no it doesn't.
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  • Winter 2017
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I mean in my opinion, I do think having money can make you more happy then being poor. Not worrying about how you are going to pay your Bill's for this month, and if you are going to go broke. It is nice to not feel like that every month.
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it can buy things that make you happy, if you have friends family and money, youre set
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I honestly believe that money does bring you happiness but if you use it the wrong way it can bring you sadness. Just depends how you would act with it.
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Thought I'd bump this topic up.. seeing a lot of mixed comments but leaning more to "yes" side! Who wouldn't be happy with a million bucks
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It depends on your life at the moment say if I'd lost a loved one money wouldn't change that but I'd rather be upset with a loaf of money then upset with nothing
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It's more of a temporary happiness if you ask me
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