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What a straight forward question with a million answers that are all different..

Middle classes people will mostly say yes but people who have all the money in the world will say no.

Personally I think having a lot of cash and no worries would be the best thing to happen to anyone, you could get anything you've ever want that could make you happy, you could spend it on family and friends and make you all happy. You wouldn't need to do the stupid routine everyday for waking up super early for work and be depressed at your job 24/7 then get home late and have no time for nobody..

What do you think?

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This is a tough debate for most people. The short and simple is people who struggle with being happy won't miraculously change by having money. Rich people still commit suicide every day.
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I really believe money buys happiness. It's something I've always thought
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Its all down to what exactly it is that makes you happy. You can do stuff that makes you happy without having any money but majority of the time the stuff you want to do costs money so i guess having that freedom of not having to worry about anything related to money would be better... Its all about what you do with it and how you spend your time.

When it comes to people with money getting depressed and what not. I think that's generally down to the situation they are in or / put themselves in where they have done everything and have forgotten what makes them happy in the first place majority of the people that end up like this due to them buying all sorts to try and make them happy when at the end of the day its only gonna leave them worse. Its the simple things that make you happy in my opinion.
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I hate the term 'buys happiness' because it doesn't. It BRINGS happiness and depending on the amount and how you manage the money that you have will determine how long you're happy for. The answer in my opinion is yes and no depending on if you look at it from every perspective. If I were handed $1,000, I would be happy because $1,000 is still a lot to me. Even though it isn't. Say you hand someone $1,000 who is financially stable and has plenty of money, yeah they would accept the $1,000 but it would mean as much as it does to the less wealthy.

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Money does buy happiness.
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Doesn't buy love so no
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It depends really cause if you really want something then yeah, but you can also be happy without it as well.
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StreetHeadXB wroteDoesn't buy love so no

Tell you now, if you see the nicest girl you've ever seen on the street, went up to her with a pink slip for a new Lamborghini Urus, she'd get down and suck it dry
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IMHO yes, you can literally do what ever you want if you had enough of it.
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