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I have a Samsung S6 Edge with a cracked front screen and cracks on the back too. Looking to keep this device for another couple of years until the S8 reduces in price.
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Did have an s7 Edge, but it got confiscated by the police in a raid lol.
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galaxy note 5
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Galaxy s8
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I broke my samsung phone now I use a lenovo tablet
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Got my Galaxy S8 a couple of months ago. Great piece to have!
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I don't have an android but I would like to mention what I did have; before going back to iPhone I was rocking a Nexus 5 phone was great for the time and it's actually still being used I know it's an older device but I got a cousin who couldn't afford a phone and is rocking that!
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I'm rockin a Pixel XL, Pixel 2, and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge . And yes, I carry all three every day.
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I might be the first person to post on here having the Iphone X
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I have an HTC Desire Eye! It is one of HTC's mid-level phones. I like it a lot though! It has a 13 mb front facing camera. It is getting old and slow now, with a few cracks in the screen too
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