AndroidWhat android device do you have?Posted:

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I personally have the HTC Droid DNA, and I love it.

Was thinking about getting the droid bionic, but I couldn't wait another month.

Just got the Nexus 7 16gb version, and I love it.

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Samsung Galaxy S II - Got it today and I absolutely love it. 8)
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a walkie talkie


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Droid X - Great phone, horrible battery life.
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Portland wroteDroid X - Great phone, horrible battery life.

Same with me! Like 10 hours sometimes. :arrow:
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EVO 4G it has horrible battery life
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HTC incredible love it was gonna get the Droid x but it was too new at the time and didn't know enough about pros/cons
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i have the droid charge i love this phone
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HTC Evo 4G

God I love my phone <3

It does everything I could ever want it to do really. Perfect for everything I need it for but the downside is I don't get 4G where I live yet :/
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