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The Last Remnant Save Editor 2011 v4.2.0.0

Download Name: The Last Remnant Save Editor 2011 v4.2.0.0  

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Submitted By: Sean

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The Last Remnant Save Editor 2011 v4.2.0.0 ( Unfinished)

Most bugs fixed
No more "Not a valid save" when you're trying to load a gamesave.
Added the option to select arts ( currently only rush but i will add irina,david,emmy and emma too)
It loads and saves 10x faster
This time the ap+ (99) and AP(999) will not reset in battle.

Still working on the arts, seems it still resets (except the wpn arts,arcana's,unique arts)
Selectable wpns will be available for Rush,david,pagus,blocter,torgal,emmy,emma,irina.

Current playable characters are:

Rush or Hinnah or Hannah
David or Hinnah or Hannah
Blocter or Zuido
Pagus or Udope
Emmy or Hinnah or Hannah
Emma or Hinnah or Hannah
Torgal or Snievan
Rush or Devine Idol
Rush or Demi GOd'/The fallen
Namul Niram or Demi God/ The fallen or Devine Idol or Fiery gates of hell.. or whatever his name is.
New unlockable [Leaders]characters are:

Cyclops (Selectable leader)
Lob Omen (Selectable leader)
Namul Niram (Selectable leader)

Note: Rush arts will still reset after few battles (except Arcana,Weapon and Unique Arts)
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