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Xbox 360 Save Editors & Tools

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Description: ~ Video tutorial ~ *Nimbus requires your modified...
Version: 3.1
Filesize: 2.70 MB
Downloads: 8
Description: Newest Xbox 360 dashboard update.
Filesize: 23.63 MB
Downloads: 81
Description: Use this for kernel update 17544.
Version: 3.20
Filesize: 2.44 MB
Downloads: 143
Description: how to use? Godfather1 Open your whole save in horizon go to contents and extarct that save open editor with the...
Filesize: 884.18 KB
Downloads: 16
Description: This is a crypto toolkit for Nexuiz that uses CryEngine 3. This will allow you to decrypt and encrypt your savegames,...
Filesize: 72.13 KB
Downloads: 5
Description: ========= Open editor Extract the confile from ur MU Open the confile in the editor (as always might take a...
Filesize: 5.04 MB
Downloads: 10
Description: =========================== made this cause it has dynamic offsets and im getting the hang of it...
Filesize: 342.58 KB
Downloads: 7
Description: how to use? Extract ur save from the contents tab Hex edit watever u like (very easy to do) Open checksum...
Filesize: 478.28 KB
Downloads: 3
Description: Change log: ========== v0.57 - set GP/EP Limit to 900,000 v0.56 - Time Editor added v0.55 - Full PS3 support...
Filesize: 611.17 KB
Downloads: 5
Description: Hey guys, been awhile since I posted an Editor :) This is still being worked on and more features are still going to be...
Filesize: 355.09 KB
Downloads: 5
Description: How to use - Requires you to Clear the system cache, before use. - Extract STFS from storage unit - Open Sav1 in...
Filesize: 247.12 KB
Downloads: 0
Description: 1. Extract full save to desktop (CON File) 2. Open Editor 3. Mod whatever 4. Save 5. Drag/Drop into Horizon/Modio...
Filesize: 2.17 MB
Downloads: 14
Description: 1. Extract your gamesave to a backup folder (I am not responsible if you lose your characters!) 2. Extract your...
Filesize: 847.86 KB
Downloads: 27
Description: Made this cause i seen people having issues with the other editor, hopefully this one wont..Use modio i think horizon...
Filesize: 265.95 KB
Downloads: 2
Description: 1. Put your GT onto your USB 2. Open your GT in Horizon and click the "Contents" tab 3. Extract your Spec Ops GPD...
Filesize: 2.15 MB
Downloads: 4
Description: still on the todo list: - Item Editor - minor fixes... (when bugs are reported or i find any)
Filesize: 5.31 MB
Downloads: 1
Description: 1. Extract your gamesave to a backup folder (I am not responsible if you lose your character!) 2. Extract your...
Filesize: 607.12 KB
Downloads: 17
Description: hello guy the editor Rayman Legends - Save Editor avanced I make one enjoie thank 360haven for PackageIO & help me...
Filesize: 529.56 KB
Downloads: 11
Description: - Edit racer/cop bounty - Edit racer/cop time played - Numerous time conversion functions (seconds>time/t_time) -...
Filesize: 39.74 KB
Downloads: 8
Description: work all platforms Money & Team Points& (LEVEL )
Filesize: 1.40 MB
Downloads: 1