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Xbox 360 Save Editors & Tools

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Description: Here is the XeXMenu 1.1 Disk ISO that I have created. I have also added a few bits of Homebrew such as the latest...

Version: 1

Filesize: 48.08 MB


Downloads: 50

Description: A tool to browse and extract the files from a downloaded xbox 360 ISO

Filesize: 477.47 KB


Downloads: 251

Description: Save Editor XBOX360 & XBOXONE options The Save editor Can Mod : - max money - Max exp - items upgrades - scores...

Filesize: 1.30 MB


Downloads: 123

Description: Solid editor and glitch free. Gold Max is: 999,999,999 Edit item enhancements, experience and current/next level. By...

Filesize: 59.30 KB


Downloads: 100

Description: Application that allows you to explore fatx partitions for the original xbox and xbox360. The beta is an opportunity...

Filesize: 48.79 MB


Downloads: 141

Description: Download of the actual .exe Mod the campaign of all 360 Halo Titles: 3, ODST, Reach, CE:A, and 4 Gives God mode,...


Filesize: 5.16 MB


Downloads: 205

Description: Campaign-Online Skipper GTA V. Skips both the campaign and online tutorial including instuctions

Filesize: 697.28 KB


Downloads: 82

Description: Tool to fix corrupted classes on MW2 TU9 17559

Filesize: 294.85 KB


Downloads: 72

Description: RGH Plugin loader/unloader.

Filesize: 33.98 KB


Downloads: 219

Description: This version of FF viewer actually lets you save your .FF files without giving them syntax errors like the rest.

Version: Legacy

Filesize: 23.92 MB


Downloads: 74

Description: BO1 Recovery only tool by FlakyModz.

Version: 1.0.1

Filesize: 80.98 KB


Downloads: 169

Description: ~ Video tutorial ~ Nimbus requires your modified...

Version: 3.1

Filesize: 2.70 MB


Downloads: 154

Description: Newest Xbox 360 dashboard update.

Filesize: 23.63 MB


Downloads: 245

Description: Use this for kernel update 17544.

Version: 3.20

Filesize: 2.44 MB


Downloads: 342

Description: Today is the start of something we have been working on here at MyXboxSaves. Ellipse is a newly coded xbox 360 modding...

Filesize: 37.10 MB


Downloads: 1,120

Description: Doom 3 RTE tool features: -Infinite Health -Infinite Armor -Infinite Ammo -Infinite Flashlight -I've only tested...

Version: 1.0

Filesize: 70.02 KB


Downloads: 74

Description: Just load up the tool and Click Patch RCE!

Filesize: 28.58 KB


Downloads: 35

Description: How to Use? Open 360Rev or horizon Open ur save, go to contents and extract that save open editor mod what u want...

Filesize: 271.34 KB


Downloads: 52

Description: Drag/Drop save or Click Open Mod Whatever you want Hit Save Add back to MU Thanks to Feudalnate. PureIso...

Filesize: 2.38 MB


Downloads: 57

Description: You can modified your Red Orbs and Spiders. It include Max button. Just Double-click on Program, Locate your gamesave,...

Filesize: 8.06 MB


Downloads: 29