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RGHC Tool *Updated*

Download Name: RGHC Tool *Updated*  

Category: Xbox 360 Editors & Tools

Author: Dalm

Submitted By: Dalm

Date Added:

File Size: 3.12 MB

File Type: (Zip file)

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Item description:

The latest, updated RGH/JTAG modding tool, RGHC by Lord Psychotic

Lord Psychotic (owner & developer)

--------------------- V 4.4 ---------------------
Added BO2 Remote Recovery
Added BO2 FPS Display
Updated BO2 Offhost
Updated Lithium API

--------------------- V 4.3 ---------------------
Added BO2 Offhost Change Team
Added Hide/Show API Key On Login Page
Added Second API To IP Info Grabber
Added Gamertag Spoofing For MW2
Moved Console Stuff From "Settings" Tab To "Console" Tab
Added Geo-Location To "My Info" Tab
Added The Ability To Save/Load Gamertag Looping
Updated Offhost Code
Added Class Naming For Leauge Play Classes
Added Class Naming For Custom Game Classes
Added Class Naming For Public Classes
Updated BO2 Recovery Tool
Added Close Button To Login Page
Updated Auto Doxing Methods
Re-Optimized Skype Contact Loading
Added Sorting By Gamertag To DB Searching
Added Seperate Pages For Online/Local DB Searching
Removed Broken KVs Tab
Added DB Access Purchase Button

--------------------- V 4.2 ---------------------
Added "Remember Me" For Login System
Added Login System
Added Background Threading For File Browser
Added Textbox To Change Boot Time

The MC Method On Lithium Is NOT A Good Method For Hitting Xbox Connections

Added More Filtering For Invalid GTs Getting Logged
Added Seperate Box For Game IDs
Fixed Sorting Error With Recently Logged
Fixed Error Message For Blank Local Whitelist

I have noticed some amazing people have made some videos on RGHC! If you're one of those amazing people tweet that video @Psychotic_Lord and i'll give you a free whitelist as well as retweeting it!

Added "?" Button For Purchasing Whitelisting
Added User's Avatar And Gamercard To "My Info"
Changed "Console Info" Page To "My Info"

--------------------- V 4.1 ---------------------
Updated Stresser Attack Methods
Added Right Click > DDoS Options To DB Search Page
Fixed New User Counter
Added Rebellion.ini From ini Editor
Removed Tampered.ini From ini Editor
Fixed Typos

--------------------- V 4.0 ---------------------
Added Live Update For BO2 Clantag Editing
Fixed Whitelisting Issue
Added Right Click > DDoS Option On IP Grabber
Added Lithium Stresser API Support
Added Join Session By Gamertag
Added Offhost Freeze Gun On BO2
Added Real Time BO2 Offhost GT + XUID Spoofing
Removed Some Non-Working/Buggy Stuff
**Re-Themed Tool**
Added Button To Open Windows File Explorer
Added Console Date + Time To Console Info
Added Option To Unload Module/Plugin
Added Ability To Edit Date + Time On Fake Skype Quotes
Updated KV Checker
Fixed Bugs With Copy IP Copying IP And Port

--------------------- V 3.9 ---------------------
Added Option To Not Grab Avatars
Fixed Bug With Adding IPs To DB

--------------------- V 3.8 ---------------------
Added Link To A Great Stresser
Fixed Bug With BO2 Mass GT Editing
Added Avatar Image For Invalid GTs
Added Spam Remove 10 Mill
Removed Non Working XAM Tab
Added LAN Device Finder
Added Zone Edit For Ping Text

--------------------- V 3.7 ---------------------
Added Limit To Recently Logged
Fixed Bug Exporting Recently Logged
Fixed Bug With Info Grabbing

--------------------- V 3.6 ---------------------
Fixed Pinging Tab
Fixed Problem Adding New DB Entries
Added Copy IP
Added Copy Port
Added Copy IP:Port
Fixed Exporting Log
Added Auto Scroll To Recently Logged
Fixed Error With Info Grabber
Removed GTA V 30 Day Bypass
Fixed Lookup IP Info
Fixed Copy IP From IP Grabber
Fixed News

--------------------- V 3.5 ---------------------
Edited BO2 Recovery
Added GTA V Online Teleporting (Untested)
Added GTA V Remove Money Option
Added GTA V 30 Day Bypass (Untested)
Added GTA V Online Time Editor
Added BO2 Random Game Wins
Added Tons Of New GTA Stuff
Added MW2 Gamertag Spoofer
Added Welcome Message For New Users
Added More BO2 Offhost Options
Added Hide LAN IPs Option To Info Grabber
Added Avatar Icons To Info Grabber
Added Set Selected Console As Default
Added Shutdown Selected Console
Added Console Manager
Edited Shutdown Console Button
Added Error Handling For ISP API Error
Added Error Handling For Geolocation API Error
Added CPU Key Spoofer
Added Join Party By Gamertag
Added Searching To Recently Logged Tab
GTA V Removed Vehicle Paint When Maxing All Vehicles
Uploaded Screenshots Now Show In Online Gallery!
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Fixed BO2 XUID Spoofing
RGHC Auto Disconnects When Rebooting Console
Added BO2 Mass Change GTs To Their City + State
Added BO2 Host Killfeed + Center Message Option
Added BO2 Offhost Rainbow Players
Added BO2 Offhost Player Colors
Added BO2 Super Jump, Super Run, Pro Mode
Added BO2 Class Set Name Editor
Added GOD To ISO Converter
IP Grabber Now Grabs Ports
IP Grabber Now Supports COD: Ghosts
IP Grabber Now Supports Halo 3 and Halo Reach
Added ISO Extractor
Fixed Disconnect Button
Edited Blacklist Code
Added More BO2 Zombies Stuff
Added Export Info Grabber Data
Fixed Bug With Adding Single DB Entry
Added Profile Viewer Page
Changed IP Info Tab To Info Tab
Added Recently Logged Tab
Fixed Bug With Mass GT Changing On BO2
Added More ini Files To INI Editor
Added FAQ Tab
Fixed MW3 Info Grabber
Fixed Bug With Error Handling On Screenshots
Added Gold Spoofing
Edited KV Checker
Added Option To Check Current KV on Console

--------------------- V 3.4 ---------------------
Added Mass GTA V License Plate Editor
Fixed More Bugs

--------------------- V 3.3 ---------------------
Fixed DB Searching Bug
Added IP Info Tab
Moved Some Things From DB Tab To IP Info Tab
Fixed Small Bug With Local IP Logging
Added Clear Log Option
Added Export Log Option

--------------------- V 3.2 ---------------------
Made Some Visual Adjustments
Changed Max Threads To 3 For KV Checker
Edited Custom Color Code
Added Skype Quote Faker
Added Skype Mood Editor
Adjusted Profile Viewer
Optimized DB Searching
Edited IPDB Filtering
Added Clickable Links To Doxing Tools
Added MSP Spoofing
Added Filtering For Mass Spoofed GTs
Added Game Logging And Timestamps To IPDB
Reset User Count

--------------------- V 3.1 ---------------------
Added Port Scanner Under "Other Tools" Tab
Added Blacklisting To RGHC
Fixed Minor Text Bugs
Added New Method For Email Doxing
Edited Dev Whitelist
Optimized IPDB Updater Code
Filtered IP Logging For GTs Containing "^" and "_"

--------------------- V 3.0 ---------------------
Reset User Counter
Fixed Small Bug With Looking Up IP Info
Added Error Handling To Some Buttons
Changed Mass BO2 GT Editor To Dropdown
Added Whitelist To BO2 Kick Client
Added Whitelist To BO2 Freeze Client
Updated Whitelist Backend
Fixed Bug With Whitelist Not Loading
Fixed Bug With News Not Loading

--------------------- V 2.9 ---------------------
Fixed Whitelist For BO2 Mass GT Editor
Edited DB Search Code
Edited IP Geolocation Grabber Code
Added GTAV Spam Money Adder

--------------------- V 2.8 ---------------------
Fixed Logging For Auto IP Pulling
Fixed Small Bug With Logging IPs
Added Current Time To Log

--------------------- V 2.7 ---------------------
Fixed Bug In Auto Updater
Changed Connection Voice Message
Added Editable Message Box
Implemented Whitelist ($1 To Be Added)

--------------------- V 2.6 ---------------------
Fixed Bug In Total User Count
Fixed Bug In IPDB Searching

--------------------- V 2.5 ---------------------
Fixed Total User Count
Added Handle For Empty Email Doxes
RGHC IP DB Is Now Online
Updated IP DB Duplicate Filter
Added BO2 Flash Target's IP And GT
Fixed Some BO2 Stuff
Fixed Minimize
Optimized Auto Pull Info Grabber
Added Online DB Searching For IPDB
Changed Host Mods Client List To Dropdown
Added Looping BO2 Icon GTs
Added "Get Required Plugins" Button
Removed Message On Auto Update Window
Added Log
Removed "Live Update" Console Info
Fixed LED Visualizer
Optimized Skype Mass Messager
Fixed Coloring Bug In Progress Bars

--------------------- V 2.4 ---------------------
RGHC Now Runs Off .NET Framework 4.5.2
Added Rainbow Icon Option
Added "Doxing Tools" Tab Under "People" Tab
Added Email Info Grabber
Added LeakedSource Scraper
Added LeakedSource GT Lookup To DB Commands
Added LeakedSource IP Lookup To DB Commands
Added LeakedSource GT Lookup To Info Grabber Commands
Added LeakedSource IP Lookup To Info Grabber Commands
Updated Skype Chat Logger
Added Save Skype Chat Log
Added Clear Skype Chat Log
Added Optional Audible Connect Message
Added Skype Spammer
Added Total User Count

--------------------- V 2.3 ---------------------
Fixed Auto Updater

--------------------- V 2.2 ---------------------
Screenshots Now Save To PicturesRGHC
Added Custom Color Options
RGHC Now Runs Off .NET Framework 4.6.1
Changed DLL Files (Re-Download .rar)

--------------------- V 2.1 ---------------------
(Hopefully) Fixed RGHC Crashing Problem
Updated BO1 Info Grabber
Fixed INI Editor
Updated Auto Updater
Save Settings Now Saves Auto Run Options
Connect Button Now Background Threaded
Ping Tool Now Clears Old Data Before Pinging New Target
Updated BO2 Quick Recovery
Added More BO2 Recovery Options
Added BO2 Map Changer

--------------------- V 2.0 ---------------------
Updated Joining RGHC Skype Group Function
Added BO2 Change All Clients Names To Their IP
Added BO2 Change All Clients Names To Their ISP
Added BO2 Change All Clients Names To Their City
Added BO2 Change All Clients Names To Their State
Fixed BO2 In Game Name Changer Small Typo
Fixed BO2 Zone Edits
Removed Global XUID Spoofer (Fatal Crashed)

--------------------- V 1.9 ---------------------
Added BO2 Rainbow Clantag
Removed XNotify For Info Grabber
Added Drag And Drop Folders For KV Checker
Added Auto Scroll To Plugins When Reading Launch.ini
Moved INI Editor To Console Tools
Edited Notifications Tab
Moved Notifications To Console Tools
Added More Zone Edits For BO2
Added Max League Play Stats For BO2
Removed "Sent By" From Skype Mass Message
KV Export Now Exports As "xKV.bin" Instead Of "KV x.bin"
KV Export Now Exports CPUKey.bin Files With KVs
KV Export All Adds Ban Status To Folder Name
KV Checker Now Shows Elapsed Time

--------------------- V 1.8 ---------------------
Added BO2 Current Time GT
Added BO2 ZiiG Time
Added BO2 Offhost GT Changer (Changes On New Rounds)
Info Grabber No Longer Saves Duplicates

--------------------- V 1.7 ---------------------
Added BO2 Icons In Gamertag

--------------------- V 1.6 ---------------------
Re-Designed LED And Fan Speed Area
Added Cold/Warm Reboot
Fixed Small Bug With Drag And Drop KV Checker
Fixed Rainbow Text On BO2
Edited Code For Rainbow Text
Added BO2 Gemertag Loop Editor
Added BO2 Flashing Gamertag
Added BO2 Writing Gamertag
Made Auto Updater Actually Automatic

--------------------- V 1.5 ---------------------
Updated Code For Most Recent DB
Fixed XUID Grabbing
Fixed Small Bug On Ping Tool
Fixed Hiding/Showing Info On Console Details
Added Error Handling For Screenshot + Upload
Fixed Bugs On BO2 Tool Section
Added BO2 Offhost End Game
Fixed BO2 XUID Spoofing
(Can Steal Emblems)
Fixed Bug With BO2 Quick Recovery

--------------------- V 1.4 ---------------------
Fixed Major Bug With Buttons
Added Auto Connect To Console On Startup
Fixed Bug With GTA V Garage Tool

--------------------- V 1.3 ---------------------
Made KV Log Read Only
Made News Read Only
Resized Some Stuff On Info Grabber Tab
Added Ping Tool
Updated All Ping Commands To New Ping Tool
Added Auto Info Puller Every Minute
Added Auto Update
Redesigned BO2 Page
Resized Tab Pages
Moved Around A Few Pages
Info Grabber Will No Longer Add Duplicates To DB
Added Players Grabbed Counter To Info Grabber
Added Players Added To DB Counter To Info Grabber
GTA V Free Menus Now Imports Directly To Console
Added BO2 Stat Editor
Added BO2 Legit Stats
Added BO2 Insane Stats
Added BO2 Zombies Max Rank
Added BO2 Medal Randomizer
Updated BO2 Unlock All

--------------- Just A Little Tip --------------
If you enjoy using my software
you shouldn't fuck with me or people I know.
You know who you are.
You have been warned.

--------------------- V 1.2 ---------------------
Removed Licensing. This Tool Is Now Free.
It Will Continue To Be Updated Though!
Added RGHC Skype Group Chat Join Button

--------------------- V 1.1 ---------------------
Renamed "Connect Settings" Tab To "Auto Run"
Renamed "Running" Tab To "Plugins & Modules"
Renamed "Games" Tab To "Launcher"
Renamed "XUID" Tab To "XUID Spoofer"
Renamed "Pull Info" Tab To "Info Grabber"
Removed "Log" Tab
Redesigned "Profile Viewer" Tab
Moved "DB" Tab to "People" Tab
Moved "Pull Info" Tab to "People" Tab
Moved "XUID" Tab To "Modding Tools"
Moved "Updates & News" To Front
Grabbing XUIDs Broken Due To 17502 (Working On Pull Info Tab)
Gold Spoofing Broken Due To 17502
Spoofing MSP Broken Due To 17502
Pulling Party Broken Due To 17502
Pulling Friends Broken Due To 17502
Fixed Bug With Game Detection
Fixed Bug With Notifications
Added GTA V Modded Title Update
Added GTA V Bypass Project 360
Added GTA V Menu Pandora 2.7
Added GTA V Menu Pandora 2.5
Added Option To Turn Off GeoLocation And ISP Grabbing
Added "About" Tab
Added "Donate" Tab
Added Auto Scrolling KV List
Added Auto Scrolling KV Log
Added Color Coded KV Checker Log
Added Ability To View XBL Accounts By Gamertag
Added Client Name To Top Of Tool
Added Auto Update
Added Whitelist for Info Grabber
Added "Check For Duplicates" Option In DB
Added "Remove Duplicates" Option In DB
Added COD:BO3 Quick Recovery (Master Prestige)
Added COD:BO3 Offhost Options
Added COD:BO3 Onhost Options
Added Auto Pull To Info Puller
Added Auto Detect Game To Info Puller
Added Auto Add To DB To Info Puller
Optimized Writing To DB
Optimized Loading DB

--------------------- V 1.0 ---------------------
Added News Page
Starting Beta Release
Added KV Duplication Checker
Added KV Ban, Unban, Error, Duplication Counter
Added COD:BO2 Offhost Options
Added COD:BO2 Onhost Options
Added COD:BO2 Quick Recovery (Master Prestige + Modded Classes)
Added Multi-Threaded KV Checker
Added Local Acc ID
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How do i put this mod on my xbox


When I try to run I get an error that says "There was an error checking for updates" then it closes, how can I fix this?


the sign up doesnt work, peice of shit