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Dave Gnukem for PS2 v0.8

Download Name: Dave Gnukem for PS2 v0.8  

Category: PlayStation 2 PlayStation 2 Homebrew Games

Submitted By: Sean

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"Dave Gnukem is a 2D scrolling platform shooter. It is inspired by and similar
to Duke Nukem 1, one of my all-time favourite games. It currently runs on
Windows, Linux and BeOS.
Although this is by no means a finished game, it is playable. You can walk,
jump, shoot baddies, collect stuff, die, teleport, open doors, use lifts, open
boxes etc."

-- Official Dave Gnukem Website
I'm happy to say that Playstation 2 can now be added to the list of platforms
Dave Gnukem current runs on.
I found this game a couple weeks ago and it seemed like it could be pretty
entertaining, so I started the PS2 port as quick little project to waste a few
hours on, to then release over the weekend. However file I/O quickly became a
nightmare and I've spent a lot more time on this than I intended, but I think
it was worth it.
There are some known bugs, some missing features, and the menu needs to have
options that don't make sense for PS2 removed, but I've already put more work
into it than I intended, so I've decided to release it as is and take a short
break from it.
Download: Click Download and in a few moments you will receive the download dialog.
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