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Bastet PS2 2016-10-08

Download Name: Bastet PS2 2016-10-08  

Category: PlayStation 2 PlayStation 2 Homebrew Games

Submitted By: Sean

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The past few days I’ve been a bit addicted to Bastet, an ncurses based Tetris game with a twist…It’s a Bastard. We’ve all played a tetris game and at some point swore that instead of random pieces it was trying to give the worst piece possible, but we know it’s not true.. but with Bastet, it is. This is just a simple and fast port of Bastet to the PS2. The basic gameplay is intact, however extras such as the highscore list are currently removed and the game needs some polishing. Chances are that won’t change, as if I decide to do more work than what piece it took to port this I’ll probably start a new codebase and add a bit of flare. All that out of the way, it appears the planets are aligned, or at least it’s a full moon, as I now present you with the PS2 port of Bastet.
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